A MAN who brandished a sword at his neighbours had an armoury of five samurai weapons and 'professional' archery gear in his flat when Taser-armed police swooped on him.

Paul Harper sparked the emergency response after chillingly asking another man, 'Which one do you want to die with first?' following a heated confrontation about late-night noise, a trial heard.

The neighbour and his girlfriend had just returned to their home on Greenock's Mill Street after driving a pal to Glasgow when Harper, 41, 'bounced' out of his flat with a two-foot long blade, the town's sheriff court was told.

Police, who arrived within minutes of being alerted, called for a shield and a specially trained Taser officer to be deployed before attempting to deal with Harper — due to the information received from shaken couple.

One PC told the court how he held a 'short shield' in front of him and backed Harper down his hallway with it until the sword offender's back was against a wall and he was able to be safely handcuffed.

Harper's neighbour, 30, said: "Him and my girlfriend were arguing earlier as we were getting in to the car to drive my friend to Glasgow.

"He attacked me and I swung him round and he ended up on the ground.

"When we came back Paul came out of his door to see who was there, then he went quickly back inside and bounced back out with a sword.

"He said, 'Which one do you want to die with first?'."

His girlfriend added: "He said he was going to put holes in him."

The couple admitted that they had been drinking the night before and had 'probably' caused other officers to be called to their door because they were being too loud.

But they were left shocked by Harper's actions.

The police witness said he was one of four officers to enter Harper's flat after he 'eventually' opened the door to them.

He said: "Mr Harper appeared to be agitated and not happy, and appeared to be under the influence of drink or drugs."

Police found two samurai swords and the bow and arrow set in a bedroom and three further samurai swords in the other bedroom.

Harper denied brandishing a sword and said he was merely leaving his flat to go to his brother's house.

He said: "She (his neighbour) started again and I went back into my house."

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre found Harper guilty with being in possession of an offensive weapon in a public place, brandishing it and making threatening remarks.

The lawman deferred sentence until October 24 for a background report and had Harper locked up until then.

Sheriff McIntyre told him: "Be under no illusion that a prison sentence is at the forefront of my mind."