A MAN who twice terrorised an ex-partner by chasing her and smashing up her car walked free from court.

John O'Donnell shouted, swore made threats of violence, played music loudly, pursued the woman and placed her in a state of fear and alarm.

The 31-year-old also threw and broke his victim's mobile phone and smashed windows during an incident last November.

O'Donnell followed that up in May by snatching and breaking her mobile phone when she threatened to call police — then jumped on the windscreen of her car.

However, Sheriff Daniel Kelly decided to admonish him over the November offences and place him under supervision on the other matters.

Prosecutor David McDonald said of the May offences: "They were in a relationship for ten years.

"A verbal argument ensued and the complainer pulled out her mobile phone and said she was calling the police.

"Mr O'Donnell seized hold of the phone and threw it to the floor, smashing it.

"He said, 'I'm going to smash your car — you won't have any car left'.

"Mr O'Donnell then walked outside and began to kick one side of the vehicle, damaging a door and wheel arch.

"He proceeded to jump on the windscreen and the glass shattered and fell inside the car."

Fiscal depute Mr McDonald added: "Police found the complainer upset and crying.

"Mr O'Donnell later attended Greenock police office by prior arrangement where he was arrested and cautioned and gave a no comment interview."

O'Donnell, of Auchmead Road, will be under the supervision of social workers for 12 months.