A GROUP of young adults who attend the Fitzgerald Resource Centre are going for goals thanks to a new outreach football programme.

The magnificent seven, who all have additional support needs, took part in an initiative supported by Gourock YAC.

Robert Ahlfeld, a support worker, came up with the idea to help the young people develop and learn new skills.

William Heron, Jethro Dougan, Jordan Byrne, Josh Salmon, Ottavio Biondi, Paul McNaught and Gareth Cook all took part.

Councillor Ronnie Ahlfeld BEM, honorary chairman of Gourock YAC, and club founder Brian Woods presented medals to the group at a recent presentation.

The group took part one day a week from May until October, picking up a variety of skills including problem-solving, decision-making, spatial awareness, co-ordination and control through a variety of activities on the pitch.

Robert said: “It helped them learn new skills and with aspects of social development and more importantly they all enjoyed it.

“Each week they did different activities and worked in different teams and one week we had a World Cup based format.

“I definitely noticed a difference in them all from the start of the programme.

"They all started out quiet but as time went on they started to speak up and tell me what activities they enjoyed.

“The biggest thing for me throughout the programme was communication, it was key to making it so successful.

“I had to communicate with the guys and they had to communicate with me and the other leaders to make it work and it did.

“It was very successful and we had a group of happy young guys at the end.”

Five of the seven participants were presented with their medals and certificates at a presentation and the remaining two who could not make it will receive their certificates and medals.

Robert said: “I am delighted for all the guys who took part in the programme, they all did so well.

“I’d like to thank Gourock YAC and the staff at outreach for supporting it.

"I like helping the group and seeing them develop their skills.

“Gourock YAC are looking to expand their community programme as part of their development programme for children, youths and adults so I would consider running it again.”