A LOUT who 'placed police in peril' during a drunken struggle after exposing himself to them as they attended a serious road crash has been spared prison.

Sean Millar was so out of control during the incident shortly before Hogmanay last year that officers had to apply a strap in order to 'pin' his limbs, a court heard.

The 27-year-old's antics resulted in boozed-up bystanders becoming involved in the hostile situation as Millar 'played to the gallery' and 'egged them on'.

Dad-of-one Millar was out on licence from a prison sentence imposed for international drug trafficking at the time of the offence on Clune Brae on December 30.

However, Sheriff Daniel Kelly decided not to return him to prison over the danger he cause, and instead chose to fine him.

Prosecutor David Glancy told Greenock Sheriff Court: "A number of police officers were in attendance at a serious road traffic collision at Clune Brae.

"They saw the accused walking on the footpath and he had a pint glass with what looked like lager in it.

"He was told to take the glass into the nearby Hibs Hall but he refused and walked away.

"The accused started to shout and swear at the officers, then dropped his trousers and exposed his buttocks."

Fiscal depute Mr Glancy added: "He continued to shout and swear and, given the location, a crowd gathered.

"There was potential for disorder and a number of people began filming events on mobile phones.

"The accused was asked to go to the police van and refused.

"There was a struggle which ended up with a fast strap being deployed to pin his limbs.

"This upped the ante for the bystanders and officers were hampered by people encroaching on them.

"The accused was effectively playing to the gallery and egging on those who were there.

"Later, when he'd sobered up, he did co-operate."

The Telegraph reported in June 2016 that Millar was convicted of buying £7,000 worth of ecstasy in Amsterdam and sending it home to himself in Port Glasgow.

He had told how he could buy it 'for pennies' in the Dutch capital for onward supply to users over here.

Millar thought that he'd evaded detection by posting the drug — also known as MDMA — which allowed him to travel back to Scotland clean.

But he was caught after his package of 400 grams of powdered ecstasy was intercepted as a result of screening procedures at a Parcelforce distribution hub in England.

Of his latest offence, his lawyer said: "He understands that his behaviour was reprehensible and that he is in a serious position regarding his last conviction which resulted in a prison sentence which has not yet expired.

"It is clear from the background report that he makes no attempt to minimise his behaviour.

"He is disgusted and ashamed."

The solicitor added: "Mr Millar has a full-time job and is a highly valued member of staff where he works."

Sheriff Kelly told Millar: "You placed the safety of officers in peril, and also of yourself and those around you.

"If it were not for the progress you have made you would be going to custody and your licence recalled."

Millar, of Fyfeshore Road in Port Glasgow, was fined £600.