COACHES and competitors from Greenock Boxing Club are dressed to impress thanks to donations of brand new tracksuits and training gear.

They have been kitted out thanks to kind sponsorship from security firm Safer Scotland and the Oak Mall shopping centre.

It is the first time the club has had its own branded tracksuits and training gear and officials say it means they will now look the part outside and inside the ring.

Club coach James Bryce said: "This is the first time the club has had proper tracksuits and training gear.

"It gives the club a bit more of an identity and makes us look more professional, particularly at competitions where boxers and coaches from other clubs are dressed the same.

"This will boost team spirit at events because now we look like a team."

Safer Scotland managing director, Ryan Clark, is originally from the east end of the town and used to train at the Bawhirley Road gym.

He stepped in to provide the blue Nike tracksuits, bearing his company's logo, and the Oak Mall kindly offered to cover the cost of matching training gear.

Promising fighters Masin Docherty and Mikey Quinn joined legendary Greenock boxer Danny Lee, whose son, also Danny, runs the club to model the new outfits.

Danny snr said: "The gear is really excellent, especially for a wee club like ours. "We don't have much and operate thanks to the support of parents, but the club is doing really well. "The boys are really keen on boxing, which is half the battle."

The new gear will be worn by the boxers and coaches at a club show on Saturday November 3 in Craigend Resource Centre.

Tickets are on sale now, priced £15, from the Bawhirley Road gym or the club Facebook page.