A STUDENT from Port Glasgow has a graduation photo to 'Beat' all others after being congratulated by Sir Paul McCartney.

Adam Greer, who lives in Gibshill, recently picked up an honours degree in sound technology from the famous Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and the legendary Beatles and Wings musician was first in line to shake his hand.

The school was co-founded by McCartney and opened in 1996.

Former Newark Primary and Port High pupil Adam, 20, says it was the icing on the cake to meet the music icon.

He told the Tele: "I'd seen him before because he does masterclasses at the uni but to shake his hand as I got my award was great.

"He's such a cool guy.

"I listen to a lot of The Beatles and I'm a big Wings fan as well.

"He's a sound guy."

With a degree under his belt and seal of approval from one of the Fab Four, Adam is now looking to put his skills to good use and has an eye on a career in television or radio.

He credits staff at Port High, particularly principal teacher of music, Julie Ballantyne, for his success.

Adam said: "It's mainly because of the school pushing me on.

"My teacher at school, Julie Ballantyne, encouraged me to go to uni in Liverpool because the music industry qualifications from there are held in such high regard because of the uni's high rate of people graduating and going into work.

"The uni has that reputation behind it and Julie and the school took me down there for the open day.

"The way the uni works is it's more about doing things, being hands-on and getting to work in your field than the academic side.

"I'm now looking to work in broadcast."