A GOUROCK mum who is waging war on litter has recruited an army of helpers to support her.

Lisa Boonsanong and her children enlisted the help of friends to clean up a small section of Gourock Moors recently after she noticed the mess that had been left.

She was determined to protect the area for the local children and wildlife.

After an hour of clearing the group had filled eight bags of rubbish but despite their efforts only a small section had been cleared and more rubbish remained.

So Lisa decided to organise another litter pick and drum up some more volunteers.

Nine adults and around 10 children gathered to help make a difference and clean up the Moors.

Lisa said: “We had another successful litter pick.

"It was great to see so many people turn up to lend a hand.

“We collected 31 bags between us with another gentleman collecting an additional five bags, and this was only in a short time.

“It was a good turnout and we made a difference but sadly there is still lots of rubbish out there”

Lisa is determined to help clear the area completely.

She hoped to arrange another clean-up soon and hopes to get even more support from the community.

Lisa would like to thank everyone who showed up on the day, and the council for supplying litter pickers and bin bags and agreeing to collect the rubbish gathered up by the volunteers.