A SUSPECTED drink driver refused to comply with breathalyser procedures because he claims he was being 'picked on' by police.

Stuart Taylor was stopped at 4am on Greenock's Rue End Street - just yards from the police station front door - after an eyewitness alerted officers to the manner of his driving.

Taylor, 26, insisted he was the victim of police 'harassment' and refused to provide breath specimens, despite admitting he'd been drinking.

Defence lawyer David Tod told the town's sheriff court: "Mr Taylor drives a car that can be described as his pride and joy and he says that he is stopped by police up to four times a week.

"He felt that he was being picked on.

"The reason he gave was 'harassment'."

The Telegraph told in 2016 how Taylor was caught dealing a former so-called 'legal high' drug after setting up shop in a Greenock bar and restaurant.

The non-drug user bought mephedrone — a cocaine-like chemical concoction — from the internet and sold it on in order top-up his income.

He was later ordered to stump up £6,525 following a proceeds of crime hearing.

Prosecutor Emma Jeffrey said of Taylor's latest offence: "A witness driving a vehicle on East Hamilton Street observed the accused's vehicle and was concerned regarding the manner of his driving.

"The witness contacted police and minutes later officers came across the accused's vehicle at Rue End Street, at traffic lights there.

"When the accused moved off the officers indicated for him to stop, which he did.

"There was a strong smell of alcohol from within his car.

"The accused refused to comply with procedures and made no reply when cautioned and charged."

Solicitor Mr Tod said: "Mr Taylor accepts that he had a drink, but there was an element of frustration more than anything else.

"He requires his licence for his employment with a landscaping company."

Taylor, of Kilchattan Place, Wemyss Bay, was banned from driving for 15 months and fined £450.