A PORT community group could fold after more than 10 years of good work.

The chairman of Slaemuir Tenants' and Residents' Association says the organisation that has given people a voice for 11 years could be no more if they don't find a new minute secretary.

Alastair Laing has been fighting to improve the area for more than a decade and is the chairman of the group.

He said: "We're looking for a minute secretary and if we don't find one, we'll be shutting the doors after eleven years."

Mr Laing was prompted to get in touch with the Telegraph after reading an article about Cowdenknowes Residents' Association, who are struggling to appoint a secretary.

He said: "We are in the same position.

"All our residents are old now, some new people have moved into the area into the new houses.

"It would be terrible if it folded after eleven years."

Mr Laing says the group helped to campaign to improve housing in the area, get the unpopular maisonette blocks demolished and pushed for new homes.

But he added: "People think they've got what they want now but that doesn't mean that their troubles are over.

"We feel we need more back up from the community."

Mr Laing says other factors are playing their part in the struggle to attract members.

The meetings have been moved from St Francis' Primary to the church hall, which means a longer walk which is proving difficult from elderly members.

Alastair said: "Residents won't realise what they got until it's not here.

"You don't miss it until you've not got it.

"They might be sorry.

"The reason we started was to upgrade the area but now everyone thinks - job over, we have new houses and the maisonettes are being demolished.

"But it's also about a sense of community, and to live in a better place."

The association's minute secretary is a paid post and requires a qualified person to take notes and circulate them to the relevant people, such as councillors.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday November 22 at St Francis' Church hall and anyone who is interested in the post should call Mr Laing on 707238.