THE family of Port schoolboy Jayden Orr have made an emotional return to his nursery to hand over the first defibrillator in his memory.

His mum Kathleen wanted Rainbow Family Centre, where Jayden spent so many happy days, to be the first educational establishment to receive the life-saving device.

Kathleen, her husband John and family have raised almost £30,000 to install defibs in all local schools in honour of Jayden, who was only 10 when he tragically collapsed and died while ice-skating last year.

Their Tele-backed Show Some Heart drive has raised £27,000.

Kathleen,43, said: "It is only right to give the first defibrillator to Rainbow Family Centre.

"It was Jayden's nursery and he absolutely loved it here.

"It is so fitting - we called our charity Jayden's Rainbow because rainbows remind us of Jayden.

"It is the first time I have been back here since Jayden left."

Rainbow Family Centre staff, many of whom worked with Jayden, were moved to be the first to benefit from the campaign.

They now have a life-saving defibrillator in Jayden's name, with a plaque.

Jayden's brother Declan and sister Kerri Lynn will now train staff in the use of the device.

Depute head Sonia McKay, who knew Jayden well, welcomed Kathleen, Kerri, Declan and Jayden's grandparents Peter and Violet Sutherland to the family centre along with head of centre Ann Marie Boyd.

They family spoke with staff members who were there at the time Jayden attended.

Sonia said: "We feel so honoured and privileged to be the first to have a defibrillator.

"It is very special for us, and to have Jayden's mum back here.

"What happened to Jayden has touched us all.

"He came here as a three-year-old and was such a lovely, happy boy.

"His family have shown so much strength to want to help other children.

"We fully support their campaign to have defibs in schools all over Inverclyde."

Kathleen handed over the machine to staff and children, including four-year-old Layla-Rose Canney.

Defibs will now be put in every secondary school, as well as primary schools in his home town of Port Glasgow and Greenock.

Show Some Heart has also raised wider awareness of the need to for defibrillators.

Gourock Rotary Club are raising money to put one in to their local primary school.

The grieving family of Joshua Turner, who died of an undiagnosed heart condition, joined forces with the Orrs' campaign to raise money to put a defib into his former school Ardgowan Primary.

The Orr family have also launched a petition to change the law in Jayden's name, so that all new large buildings have to have a defibrillator fitted as standard.