A POOL player put himself in the frame for 'sober October' to help charity - and grew a beard so his chosen good cause could pocket more cash.

Good sport Frank Shields raised £500 after saying no to alcohol in aid of the Ardgowan Hospice.

But with support from his friends at Cheers bar and his Rileys pool league team he also decided to grow a beard during the month as well.

On the very last day he was treated to a close shave at VIP Barbers in Nicolson Street.

Frank, 52, from Norfolk Road, said: "I wanted to get off the drink for a while and raise money for the hospice.

"We all know someone who has had to use it.

"It wasn't that bad staying sober for October.

"I still went to the pub but I had an orange juice.

"I feel really good."

As the drink drought drew to a close Frank, who has thanked all of his sponsors, said he was looking to enjoying a cold pint.

He added: "It will be at my next pool game but I don't want to make a habit of it.

"My friends were very supportive - but they kept asking me if I wanted a pint!"

Having planned to stay in for the month, Frank thought he would grow a beard and get it shaved off before November came along.

Barber Danilo Ottaviano was delighted to step in and do the honours.

Frank's friends Alex McLachlan and Alex Maxwell came along for some moral support along with Fiona McConnell from Cheers, one of his sponsors.

Alex said: "We all really appreciate what Frank is doing.

"My wife Ina lost her mum and the hospice took care of her, she has been fundraising as well."

Frank was also following in the fundraising footsteps of his son Liam McNeilly, eight, who recently had a bake sale to raise money for local Rosie Veronica Mitchell, who has cancer.