PUPILS from Kilmacolm Primary are growing places - by producing their own crops and turning them into delicious dishes.

The school runs cooking classes and the boys from P7 have been having a go at making a pot of leek and potato soup using fresh veg from the school garden.

The initiative, supported by village-based charity The Haven, is designed to teach children where food comes from.

Pupil Sam McGoldrick, 10, said: "We grow stuff and we cook it. "It's hard but it's cool because we learn and have fun when we do it."

Children right throughout the school and its nursery take part in cooking classes and parents get involved too.

Class teacher Christine Carruth said: "It's very much a community project.

"It's been so important to have the link with The Haven.

"We've also been very lucky with the support from parents and we've had lots of different folk in helping out giving an extra pair of hands. "It's important that children have access to these sorts of everyday, essential, life skills and they love it. "Everyone involved has been really positive."

The children have grown produce like tomatoes - picked off the vine by the nursery boys and girls - corn, lettuce and courgettes, which they made risotto with.

Mrs Carruth said: "They've also made all sorts of things.

"We're trying to instil a positive relationship with food, help the children learn about what they put in their body, where it comes from and teach them important life skills."

Helping to make the latest batch of soup were representatives from The Haven.

Sherri Black, the charity's development officer, said: "We enjoy giving back to the community."