A FRIENDS fanatic is appealing for help to turn his recycled Rachel and Ross-inspired love song into a hit with the stars of the hit show.

Musician Jason Campbell from Inverkip first wrote the lyrics as a 19-year-old student after watching an episode of the iconic US sitcom called Closure.

Now he hopes it will go global and catch the attention of actors Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.

Dad-of-two Jason's song Closure is starting to catch on - as one of the Friends cast members tweeted his support.

Former James Watt music student Jason, 34, said: “I am hoping people will help me by sharing the song.

"Getting Ross and Rachel to give the song a push would make my day, my week, my month, and even my year!

"It’s a song that I first penned back when I was a teenager and just starting to envision a career in music and now the sitcom’s coming back to everyone’s attention it’s the perfect time to move out of second gear.

"The tweet from the guy who played Gunther in Friends was a fantastic boost for me and I’d love it if Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and Joey – got involved too.

"Friends has a lot of fans and with this song, I’m really hoping that people will connect with it and share it among their friends and followers too. It might be an ambitious goal, but nothing is impossible.

Friends has enjoyed a comeback after it was re-released on the streaming service Netflix and Jason - who lives in Main Street with his wife Kerry and daughters Grace, five, and Nieve, one - hopes to tap in to its new success.

Jason, who has a lifelong love of music, was among the first students to complete the acclaimed music business course at James Watt College.

It was while studying for the HND he picked up his guitar and wrote a song after watching the episode where a drunken Rachel leaves messages on Ross's voicemail.

To support the campaign visit see @jasecampbell on Twitter.