PUPILS at a Greenock primary school are making an eco-friendly mural to display at the school.

The primary five pupils at King's Oak are working on designing the mural - which will be made from recycled materials - while those who attend the school's family hub have been tasked with making it, with the help of staff from RIG Arts.

The mural is part of RIG's Upcycle 3D Project funded throigh the Climate Challenge and European Regional Development funds.

Laurie Duffy of RIG Arts said: “We had been working with the pupils to get them thinking more creatively about waste, and we were upcycling furniture.

“They wanted to do something for the whole school that the people attending at the family hub could get involved with.

“Having previously made a mural with the youth club at Auchmountain Hall they decided to do something similar.”

The mural will be made out of recycled plastic and mounted on donated wood.

It will then be decorated by the children and Laurie is hopeful of having the majority finished by new year.

Laurie said: “The pupils are all so enthusiastic.

"They are already mindful of waste and are good at repairing and mending things.

“They have all come up with great ideas, focused on the oak tree and the school badge.

“We are thinking about maybe a tree to hang things on, like school ties when the pupils leave.

“Some primary seven pupils are working on it through the hub and it might be a nice way to round off the project.”

The project is only in its fourth week and already the P5 class have been experimenting with plastic and the best ways to make it work.

Laurie said: “The whole school is working together on this and I am sure they will come up with something great.”