A MUM says her health is suffering and her family's garden has become a no-go zone because housing chiefs can't fix flooding from a burst pipe.

Kayleigh Mitchell, 29, who has epilepsy and a string of health issues, says River Clyde Homes have been unable to stop the water despite being alerted weeks ago.

She lives in Angus Road with her husband Simon, 36, son Stuart, seven, and five-month-old baby Orion.

Kayleigh said: "This has been going on for over a month.

"It's been really bad over the past couple of weeks.

"It's coming from underneath the house and River Clyde Homes say they don't have a clue where it's coming from.

"Everytime someone comes out and goes underneath the floorboards it makes it worse every time.

"The last thing I heard it was going to be a major excavation.

"The flooding has messed the garden up - it's like a mudbath."

Kayleigh's says that the housing association's investigations are also causing disruption inside the house.

She told the Tele: "The workmen keep turning the water on and off without telling us.

"My husband was showering the baby the other day and the water just went off.

"He had to go out and ask them to turn it back on again.

"There are potholes in the path - I've tripped over them a couple of times.

"We have to change socks three times a day and it's ruining our footwear.

"The water's not just affecting this block but the next block and running down the road."

Kayleigh has a whole host of serious health problems and says the stress of the flooding is making them worse.

She suffers seizures, has a spine condition, a genetic blood clotting disorder and anxiety and says the flooding fiasco is triggering more attacks.

Kayleigh said: "Stress makes it worse and I have had five seizures in four days."

The fed-up mum is angry at the length of time it is taking to get the problem resolved.

She said: "My housing officer has been great, I can't fault him at all.

"But when people do come out they don't tell us anything.

"We are not being kept informed."

Housing bosses insist they have kept residents up to date.

Paul Kilmarnock, repairs and voids manager for River Clyde Homes, said: “This issue has been caused by a burst pipe under the buildings and was brought to our attention in mid-October.

"We have visited the property on a number of occasions since to find the source of the leak.

"This has necessitated digging trenches in the garden and we have pumped water from the solum of Ms Mitchell’s home to reduce the risk of moisture and condensation.

“As a preventative measure we have put temporary sandbags in the garden to try and keep the pathways clear of water until a full repair can be carried out.

"We have kept the family and neighbours informed every step of the way and given the scale of the works involved, the job has been passed to River Clyde property management who will be in touch with Ms Mitchell and we will continue to keep her informed of plans.

“We have apologised to Ms Mitchell for the water supply being turned off and reassured her that the situation is getting our full attention.

"We will continue to monitor the leak and carry out any remedial works as required.”