A THOUGHTFUL schoolboy has penned a poignant poem to mark Remembrance Sunday.

Twelve-year-old Jason Leitch from Kilmacolm was inspired to write 'They Said' after learning about the sacrifices made by soldiers during the First and Second World Wars.

The topic is close to home for Jason as his father Damian has served in the military for over 20 years.

Jason said: "I was inspired to write the poem in school after we read the book 'Remembrance' by Theresa Breslin and the poem 'They' by Siegfried Sassoon.

"I started thinking about all these young men who wanted to go to war but they had no idea what was in store whatsoever.

"They saw horrors that the average person would never see in their lifetime.

"They suffered from post traumatic stress but obviously it wasn't recognised back then, which is quite sad.

"When I showed my dad the poem, I think he really took it to heart - he really liked it.

"I'm very proud of my dad."

Damian, 42, who has been deployed in Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Macedonia, Oman, Afghanistan, Iraq, Canada, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Rwanda, Kuwait and Mogadishu in Somalia, said he was overwhelmed by his son's poem.

He said: "My son's awareness and understanding of the sacrifice that soldiers make when going to war really struck a chord.

"I was blown away with this poem written by my son at such a young age."

Jason's mum Gillian, 32, added: "I think Jason was taken aback by how much we liked his poem.

"Damian was impressed by Jason's understanding of what it means to be a soldier."

Jason, who is in first year at St Columba's Senior School in Kilmacolm and lives with his parents and four siblings Juliana, six, Jackson, three, and 10-week-old twins Jeremiah and Joshua, hopes people will take a moment to read his poem and also observe a silence on Sunday, when ceremonies will be held to mark 100 years since the end of World War One.

He said: "I would like people to take at least five minutes for silence on Sunday - that's all I would ask.

"Just think about where would be without them."