GREEN fingered schoolchildren were given 'food for thought' at a special workshop.

Young pupils from Whinhill and St Patrick's joined forces together for the 'Great Big Food Cycle', hosted by Belville Community Garden.

As part of the eco-friendly project, the P6 and P7 children learned all about the importance of cutting dowjn on food waste.

Now they have taken home survey sheets to see if the workshop has made an impact on reducing food waste in their own homes.

Pamela Bradley, acting principal teacher at Whinhill Primary, said: "The children were waxing lyrical all day about the things they had learned and said they were going home to tell their parents all about it."

The children enjoyed a range of activities, planting seeds and picking up tips on how to use old fruit and vegetables.

A bit of pedal power then saw them use a bicycle to make their own smoothies.

They also created their own wormery, found out about the importance of healthy eating and learned how to grow their own food.

Sally Clough, an environmental officer at Belville Community Garden, says the educational initiative proved a big hit.

She said: "It's designed to look at the impact of the food industry and it went very well."