THE three little pigs and the big bad wolf are celebrating the array of languages spoken at Whinhill Primary.

Pupils at the school, which has the Gaelic medium ingrained within it, have been using drama and song to demonstrate the culture which lies behind the spoken tongue.

As part of their pilot project 'All the World is our Stage', run by Heriot Watt University, they have made some amazing discoveries.

Whinhill has seven different languages running through the classrooms, including Polish, German and Tamil, an ethnic Indian dialect.

And they put them all onto the stage for one big performance.

Pupil Scarlett Werd, who played the fairytale wolf, told the Tele that she loved the stories behind the tongues.

The primary seven pupil said: "I have absolutely loved doing this and I definitely want to be an actress now.

"I have loved looking into languages and finding out more about them as well.

"I discovered my family has links with Irish Gaelic which I never knew before."

The voyage of discovery is being led by languages expert Eneida Garcia Villanueva.

The Heriot-Watt worker secured funding for a project to explore the culture of language and chose to deliver it in Inverclyde, where she previously carried out teacher training in languages.

Eneida, who moved from Spain ten years ago, said: "I love the schools in Inverclyde and their commitment to language.

"We tend to think of religion, race and nationality as evidence of our culture, but not always languages. But it says so much about where you come from and this is what we are looking at through the project."

As part of the multi-lingual project the pupils are performing a drama for parents and are now taking it to a major event in Glasgow.

So in a multi-lingual afternoon they put on the The Three Little Pigs fable in different languages. These also included Spanish, French and Gaelic, which are all taught in the school.

With support from local drama director Rebecca Cameron they put on a memorable afternoon.

They will also appear at a showcase event in Glasgow where they will perform again.