NURSERY boys and girls had a ball honing their football skills thanks to Morton community coaches.

Gibshill Children's Centre welcomed Micro Morton pair Paddy McAlees and James Barbour for the start of a four-week fun training camp.

All 80 boys and girls at the Smilie Street nursery will take part in sessions in the community centre next door during the block, as part of an initiative to encourage them to keep active while learning about the beautiful game from the popular Ton coaches.

Craig Scott, Gibshill's depute head of centre, said: "This was the first block of a four-week programme. "We book it to give the children another opportunity for physical exercise, help them with listening to instructions and learning about football. "Paddy and James come in and teach them the basics of football through fun games using the likes of Paw Patrol and Star Wars so that it's relevant to them.

"They love it."

All the youngsters taking part will receive a certificate at a special presentation at the end of the four-week block and staff hope it inspires them to continue enjoying sport and keeping fit. Craig said: "If some enjoy it at nursery they can go to the other classes in the community centre as well. "It's important to give the children opportunities to try sport and different activities. "After the four weeks, all the children - about eighty in total - will get the chance to showcase their skills in front of parents, who we invite along, and Paddy usually comes along for that. "It gives the parents the chance to see what they get up to and the children get a certificate at the end of it."