A MAN who had taken so-called 'street valium' spat in a man's face after kicking the wing mirror off his car.

Daniel Middleton carried out the assault when the man had come out of his house following the vandal attack.

Middleton, 37, had been spotted staggering along Old Inverkip Road and lashing out at a number of vehicles in broad daylight.

Prosecutor Saud Ul Hassan told Greenock Sheriff Court: "The witness was home and heard a loud bang outside.

"He came out of his house and was told by a young child that the accused had kicked and damaged the vehicle.

"The witness phoned the police, continued to monitor the accused and asked him accused what he was doing and why.

"The accused walked towards him in an aggressive manner, entered his personal space until he was face-to-face with him and adopted an aggressive posture."

Fiscal depute Mr Ul Hassan added: "The witness placed his hand on the accused and moved him to the railing to stop the accused assaulting him.

"The accused spat at the witness, hitting him on the face.

"Police arrived and placed the accused under arrest."

The court heard how Middleton, of Regent Street, was so out of control he spat on the seats and steering wheel of the police vehicle.

A hood covering his face had to be applied but he went on to threaten to 'shoot and kill' officers.

He committed the offences on August 29.

Mr Ul Hassan said: "He wasn't cautioned and charged due to his intoxicated state."

Defence lawyer Gerry Keenan said: "He tends to self medicate on street valium because he believes that is one way of blotting out his problems.

"He has no recollection and was on street valium at the time of the incidents."

Sheriff Daniel Kelly sentenced Middleton to 200 days imprisonment.