A WEE boy has been left distraught after his bike was stolen and dumped before being vandalised beyond use.

Little Tyler McKay got the bike last Christmas and had only just learned to ride it without stabilisers.

The five-year-old spotted that his Fireman Sam bike was missing from his mum's porch in Caithness Road.

Mum Stacey, 24, said: "He said 'mum where's my bike?' and then he started crying.

"I'm just totally disgusted that someone has actually walked past my front window to take his bike."

When the bike went missing on Monday Stacey put a post up on Facebook.

Within a few minutes someone sent her a message to say they had seen a little red bike lying near a lane just up the road.

Stacey, a single parent, went up to collect it - and saw boys in the middle of vandalising it.

She said: "Three boys were ripping it apart.

"They were about eight or nine years old.

"They just ran away.

"I was so angry, I said if I find out where you live I'll tell your parents.

"They broke the brake and the back wheel, so it's not going at all, and the seat has been ripped.

"I'm gutted - I bought it for Tyler's Christmas last year out of Smyth Toys, it cost me £130."

Tyler, a pupil, at St Andrew's Primary School, said: "I'm angry someone's broken my bike.

"It's not nice to damage other people's toys.

"I've written to Santa to ask him for a new bike."