A PORT man tried to kill his disabled boyfriend with a machete – because he'd refused to go to the shops.

Kevin Bryce left Kevin Donnelly horrifically wounded after a brutal attack in Maybole Road last month.

The 35-year-old then told his blameless victim that he'd 'deserved it'.

Bryce went on to stand outside smoking a cigarette before telling police officers: “I chopped him up”.

A judge heard how Mr Donnelly already had mobility problems, having been hit with a machete a decade earlier.

Bryce was yesterday jailed for eight years and eight months after he pled guilty to attempting to murder his partner.

The High Court in Glasgow was told how Mr Donnelly branded Bryce 'evil' and has not returned home due to his horror ordeal.

Prosecutor Bernard Ablett said Mr Donnelly used a walking stick after being attacked with a machete 15 years ago.

He was at home with his partner on October 22 when Bryce suddenly turned on him.

Mr Ablett went on: “Bryce asked Mr Donnelly to go to a local shop.

"He refused to go.

“Following the refusal, the next thing Mr Donnelly was aware of Bryce walking towards him with a machete in his hand.”

Bryce struck his partner on the head, body and legs with the weapon and Mr Donnelly immediately slumped to the ground dropping his stick.

The prosecutor added: “Bryce continued to strike him with the machete while Mr Donnelly was on the floor.”

A blood-soaked Mr Donnelly managed to get up while desperately trying to stop the attack, and he stumbled out of the flat in his boxers shorts and socks.

He struggled to a neighbour's door yelling: “Help, help – phone an ambulance. He's tried to kill me. He hit me with a hatchet.”

Another resident got towels to try and stem the blood from Mr Donnelly's deep wounds.

Mr Donnelly added: “He's evil."

The court heard that when Bryce appeared, he lied that he had been 'defending' himself.

But when he was held by officers he confessed: “I chopped him up. I want interviewed as I want to admit it to all. I want it dealt with.”

He later added: "I was trying to murder him."

The victim suffered a fractured skull and broken collarbone along with a string of wounds which had to be treated by doctors.

The court heard there had been a 'potential danger' to life.

The Crown's Mr Ablett said Mr Donnelly remains badly affected by the attack and now has to use two walking stick due to his injuries.

The prosecutor added: “He has not returned to the flat due to its association with the attack.

“He was struggling to sleep as every time he closed his eyes he saw Bryce with the machete.”

Bryce's lawyer John McElroy described the crime as 'brutal', adding that there had been no justification or provocation.

Lord Mulholland said Bryce's jail term would have been 13 years, but for the guilty plea.

The judge told him: “This was the attempted murder of your disabled partner.

"You repeatedly struck him with a fearsome weapon.

“His injuries are extensive.

"The court takes a very serious view of such crimes committed within a domestic setting.”