A REAL-LIFE hairy biker caused a stir when she roared up to visit a Greenock care home.

Cute pooch Milly was the star attraction at Balclutha Court when she arrived on her motorbike wearing goggles and a customised diamonte helmet.

The motorcycle-loving hound and her owner Paul Crossan, who have become an internet sensation, were invited to the care home to cheer up the residents.

Excited tots from Bluebird Family Centre also enjoyed meeting the adorable rescue dog, a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Maltese.

Julie Wilson, deputy manager of the home, said: "I follow the 'Motorbike Milly' Facebook page, so I invited them to come along to the care home.

"You get so much back from the residents when they see animals.

"It's comforting and calming for the residents.

"I also invited the children from Bluebird as it's nice to see them engaging with the residents as well.

"The residents love seeing the children."

Milly's owner Paul Crossan visits care homes across the country with Milly.

The 40-year-old, who retired from his job after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, said: "I know what Milly does for me, so it's great that she can bring joy to other people too.

"Milly and I had a fantastic afternoon meeting the staff and residents of Balclutha Court.

"We definitely were not expecting the welcome we received - it was incredible.

"We can't thank Julie Wilson enough for organising our visit.

"We can only hope the residents enjoyed our visit as much as we did."

Resident Charlotte Wrath said she loved meeting Milly.

The 73-year-old told the Tele: "It cheered me up.

"I like dogs and it makes me feel happy to see them."

Fellow resident Isobel MacFarlane added: "I had a Jack Russell for 18 years so it felt like I had my dog back again.

"I really enjoyed it.

"It was lovely to see the children too."

Gail McMenemy, a family support worker at Bluebird, said the toddlers loved interacting with Milly and the residents.

She said: "The kids were so excited.

"It's great for the older people and the young children to come together."