A COUPLE who met on the dancefloor 62 years ago say their love is stronger than ever as they celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

Inseparable Alice and John Moore from Port Glasgow have marked 60 years of wedded bliss on Wednesday.

They were sent a special telegram from the Queen to mark the milestone.

Alice said: "We received a card from the Queen, which was lovely.

"We're so happy that we still have our health."

Sparks flew when the couple, of West Barmoss Avenue, first set eyes on each other back in 1956 at the Greenock Palladium.

Alice, who is 77, said: "I met John on the very first night I went there.

"I was about 16 at the time.

"John loved to dance."

John, 80, said: "I just asked her if she wanted to dance."

Romance blossomed for the pair after they enjoyed their first date at the pictures.

John said: "It was on a Friday night so after work I went and got a hair cut, it was like a crew cut."

Alice added: "He paid in and I bought the sweeties."

The lovebirds tied the knot on November 28 1958 at The Manse in Lilybank Road with Rev R A Taylor conducting the nuptials.

Alice said: "I remember it was freezing and really icy, the taxi struggled to get up the hill and kept sliding down.

"Eventually we made it."

John's brother Tommy was his best man while Alice's best friend Jean Selkirk was her bridesmaid.

Alice said: "After the ceremony we went to my mum's house and she had made steak pie and trifle."

One year later Alice gave birth to their first child Joanne, later followed by Ian, Allison, Peter and Kenny.

Initially the couple stayed at Alice's parents' house for six years before they set up home in Sunnyside in Port Glasgow.

They lived there or 24 years before moving to West Barmoss Avenue in 1988.

John worked as a plater at Lithgows, Fergusons and at UIE before returning to Fergusons.

Alice worked as a cutter in North Face for 30 years and also worked at the Campbell Snowden House Care Home.

She also worked as a cleaner at the library and offices at Boglestone.

Asked what the secret is to a happy marriage, the couple say it's pretty simple.

Alice said: "I think it's give and take.

"Marriage is not easy, you have to work at it.

"I think nowadays people give up too easily.

"True love doesn't run smoothly.

"We've had our ups and downs but we're still here and I do think that our love for each other is stronger than ever."

The diamond duo say they are lucky to have such a wonderful family including their nine grandchildren David, Karen, Alan, Kirsty, Katrina, Sam, Nathan, Andrew and Megan and their five great grandchildren Adam, Katie, Emily, Abigail and Forrest.

To celebrate their special day, Alice and John joined their family for a slap-up meal at Coast in Langbank.

Alice said: "It was a lovely celebration and our son Kenny and his family who live in Essex came up for it.

"So there was about 40 of us at Coast.

"It was lovely as they had got a cake and they sang congratulations."

The couple are keen to thank their amazing family for everything they do for them.

Alice said: "What a wonderful family we have - they are so good to us, every one of them in their own way.

"My sister Emma Mooney stays in Alt-na-Craig care home so I'm very close to her and her family as well."

Alice also received a special card from her bridesmaid Jean who now lives in Australia.