TWO Facebook tormentors filmed a drunk woman for fun on a Greenock street - then called the police after she turned on them.

The pair of females had pulled up in a car beside Angela Munro and pretended to be concerned for her welfare whilst live streaming the encounter, the town's sheriff court heard.

But they sped off after Munro, 39 — who was 'initially friendly' — spotted their camera phone and made a grab for it before threatening to 'slash' the women.

Prosecutor Saud Ul Hassan said: "They stopped next to her and made conversation with her to ensure her wellbeing.

"The accused woke and was initially friendly but suddenly shouted and swore, asking, 'Are you videoing me?'.

"She leaned into the vehicle and grabbed the witness's mobile phone.

"The accused then shouted, 'Get out the car and I'll slash you, get out, I've got a blade'.

"Both witnesses immediately closed their windows and drove away, fearing for their safety.

"Footage had been uploaded automatically onto Facebook, and it was able to be forwarded on to the police."

Munro committed the offence shortly before 2am on June 4 at Burns Road.

The following morning she turned up at her family home on Fyfe Road, again drunk and pleading to be let in before threatening to kill her partner's prized pigeons.

Fiscal depute Mr Ul Hassan said: "She stated, 'Can you let me in, I'm freezing cold, can I get a jumper or a jacket'.

"She then said, 'I'm going round the back to kill the birds'."

Munro further pleaded guilty to careless driving and colliding with a kerb and another car on Oxford Road, Larkfield, in June 2017, as well as two bail breaches.

He lawyer, Amy Spencer, said of the Facebook incident: "Witnesses did not stop for the welfare of the accused. They stopped because she was extremely intoxicated and were filming and mocking her.

"It was not an accident that it was uploaded to Facebook.

"She accepts that her conduct thereafter was unacceptable and it would not have happened unless she was intoxicated."

Miss Spencer said that the threat to kill the pigeons was an 'empty' one.

The solicitor added: "When she is not drinking she is not offending."

Sheriff Daniel Kelly jailed Munro, now of Mearns Street, for eight months and banned her from driving for 13 months.