A FOUR-time weapons offender who took a large kitchen knife with him as he roamed Greenock streets late at night has been warned he could be jailed 'for a very long time'.

Colin Grant — who has previous convictions for carrying hammers — sparked a call to police after grabbing the blade from his mother's kitchen and going for a walk at 11.30pm.

Lawyer David Tod described the 27-year-old's past crimes as 'bizarre' because it was Grant himself who went to the police in order to get arrested.

Mr Tod said: "He is an individual who has had mental health difficulties in the past and he continues to have these difficulties."

However, Greenock Sheriff Court heard that it was not Grant who alerted police to his latest offence, but his mother.

Prosecutor John Penman said: "She phoned police concerned about her son.

"With some reluctance she advised them that her son was in possession of a kitchen knife."

Grant had taken the blade from his home on Cathie Allan Place and had it tucked inside his rear waistband when officers caught up with him at nearby Corlic Street on August 30.

Solicitor Mr Tod said: "He has two convictions for possession of a hammer and another for possession of a knife.

"On each occasion he phoned the police himself and turned up at the police station with the articles.

"He has no convictions for crimes of violence, and the three directly analogous matters were bizarre in their circumstances."

Grant — who was remanded in custody on August 31 after not seeking bail — pleaded guilty on indictment to having a knife in a public place without reasonable excuse or lawful authority

Sheriff Thomas Ward told him: "You may have problems but we are not having people walk about the streets with large knives.

"I am obliged to consider all alternatives so I will call for a background report.

"If it were not for the fact that you have possible mental health issues you'd be going to jail for a very, very long time — and that may still happen to you."

Sentence has been deferred until December 5.

Grant — who was placed on an electronic tag and a 12-month supervision order for his last knife offence in May last year — was further remanded in custody.