THE grass is greener for residents in Greenock after a raft of environmental improvement works were completed.

Overgrown trees and bushes which were encroaching onto the roads and footpaths have been cut back while stairs and paths have been power washed and grass has been cut in the area around Jura Street, Gael Street and Rose Street.

An area of waste ground has been completely revamped.

The environmental improvements were led by a taskforce including independent councillor Tommy McVey and River Clyde Homes.

Councillor McVey said: "I had been pushing for some environmental improvements to get done in the area but what brought the issue to a head was when a residents car got badly scratched, by overgrown bushes and trees, which were encroaching onto Rose Street.

"I then got together with council officers and some of the River Clyde Homes management team and we walked around Jura Street, Gael Street and Rose Street, identifying areas which needed attention."

Persistence paid off as work soon got underway to address the issues.

Councillor McVey added: "Some of the issues we identified could be easily rectified, whilst others, like the footpaths, will take longer and require additional resources, which will be difficult as budgets are tight.

"To date, we have had trees and bushes, which were encroaching onto the roads and footpaths, dealt with.

"Some bushes have been removed altogether and an area of waste ground has been completely cut back and places power washed.

"The place is certainly looking a lot better.

"My thanks go to Stevie McLachlan, Chloe Pastore and all the team at River Clyde Homes and also to the council officers who were of great assistance as well."

Local resident Cathy Reay, who lives in Rose Street, said the works have made a big difference.

She said: "We've been fighting for this for years.

"Everything was really overgrown, it was so bad that it was causing poor visibility for drivers, so this has made a big difference.

"Our thanks go to Tommy McVey."