AN inspirational young Greenock woman says she feels like 'a new person' after losing over five stone.

Lauren McNab from Union Street struggled with tiredness and low self esteem and ended up avoiding social events due to her weight.

Fears about her health brought the motivation she needed to shed the pounds.

The 23-year-old says her life changed for the better when she started the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan which is offered by independent consultant Judy Henderson in Port Glasgow.

Lauren said: "I've lost five stone and eights pounds since April so I feel amazing - I can't believe it.

"Prior to this I had tried a range of diets but none were working for me.

"I got to the point where I kept putting on more weight.

"Then my brother and sister-in-law started the Cambridge diet in March and they lost between a stone and a stone and a half each in a month.

"That was my inspiration."

Lauren has dropped from a dress size 22 to a 12.

She said: "The reason I started is because both my mum and dads' families have major health issues.

"Being the weight I was I wasn't giving myself a good chance of avoiding these issues so that was the reason why I decided to do something about it."

Lauren, who attended Inverclyde Academy and now works in a call centre, says she feels 100 per cent better.

She said: "I feel so much better.

"I definitely have more energy and feel like a whole new person.

"I'm not hiding behind people anymore.

"Beforehand, I didn't really get out.

"I have a small group of friends I see on a regular basis but I wasn't really going out to parties or nightclubs.

"Now I'm more likely to go out."

Lauren says independent consultant Judy has been a big help to her.

She added: "Judy has been so supportive.

"I'm now inspired to become a consultant myself because if my experience can help other people my age that would be great."

Lauren hopes her story will inspire other people.

She said: "It's hard but it's so worthwhile."