A CROSS couch customer is feeling browned off after splashing out on a new suite and receiving the 'wrong colour' of furniture.

Anne Marie Clarke says she paid £1,749 up front for a light and dark grey sofa set to match the decor in her Port Glasgow home.

But instead she got 'coffee-coloured concoctions' which she could be stuck with due to a dispute with settee seller ScS.

Anne Marie, 52, of South Road, said: "I honestly could not believe my eyes when I saw these things.

"I was shocked.

"I paid for the suite away back in September and specifically told the salesman what colour I wanted.

"I was looking forward to having it in time for Christmas and I was excited for it arriving on December 14.

"But what I've been left with has taken all of that away because this is just not what I paid for."

Anne Marie — who ordered the three-seater and two-seater suite during a visit to the ScS store at Abbotsinch in Paisley — says bosses insist that she got the correct products.

She's now so worried that she might never get the furniture replaced that she has sought help from Trading Standards.

Anne Marie believes that the salesman she was dealing with ordered the wrong colour after speaking with her.

She said: "When I was in the shop there was a grey-coloured sofa next to the one I was interested in and I said to the chap that I wanted a two-tone grey set.

"He said that wouldn't be a problem because they were made by the same manufacturer.

"I'm now totally stressed out of my head with it all."

Anne Marie — who says the dispute has angered her husband Hugh, 51 — added: "I feel that ScS have been very unhelpful. I actually wrote to the chief executive of the company and his secretary told me that everyone in their office says I got the right products.

"You can clearly see that what I've got are coffee-coloured concoctions.

"I'd never have ordered these colours because they just don't match my living room.

"ScS have told me that if the manufacturer comes back and says what I've got is the correct suite then there's nothing they can do — case closed."

Anne Marie said: "I told them that I was going to Trading Standards about it and they just said that's what to do.

"I feel that I've been told what I wanted to hear just to get a sale and that I've been mis-sold these sofas.

"ScS actually told me that I could get some kind of replacement suite but I'd have to pay 25 per cent of its cost.

"I don't see why I have to do that when I've paid already and not received what I've paid for."

ScS said that a regional manager visited Anne-Marie's home with colour samples which match the sofa's ordered.

But the customer insists there's been a mix-up, adding: "It boils down to a case of my word against the salesman's. He's ordered up the wrong colour for my sofas.

"I'm honestly gutted."

Anne Marie said: "When these sofas arrived I was going to reject them and they said to me that they'd order up new ones and just to hold on to them for the time being.

"This has affected me mentally. I can't sit in my living room because the sight of what I've got makes me physically sick, so I sit in my kitchen."

An ScS spokeswoman said: "The regional manager confirms he visited the customer's home, with the pattern swatch, immediately the concern was raised, and confirmed to the customer, the goods in her home were as per the sample in the store.

"Whilst we are sorry Mrs Clarke is disappointed, as per the enclosed picture taken, whilst in the home, we have supplied the exact product the customer ordered."