A GREENOCK man who was injured during a booze-fuelled festive fight with his partner has been jailed.

Neil McMillan claimed Kelly Ann McLeod smacked him on the head with a cup but she says he did it to himself.

A radiator was ripped from a wall in their flat at Morton Terrace and police overheard the pair hurling abuse at each other during a 999 call which lasted a full 15 minutes.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how McLeod — who denies fighting — phoned the emergency number shortly before 11pm on December 29.

Prosecutor Pamela Brady said: "There were sounds of an ongoing disturbance, with both male and female voices shouting and swearing.

"Mr McMillan made a complaint that he'd been hit by a cup and Miss McLeod said he'd did that to himself.

"The shouting and swearing lasted some 15 minutes."

Fiscal depute Mrs Brady added: "Police arrived, a radiator was on the floor, as were puddles of water and broken glass.

"Both accused appeared to be heavily intoxicated and they continued to shout and swear at each other in the presence of the police.

"Both were arrested and Neil McMillan received medical treatment — two steri-strips to a laceration above one of his eyes."

The court heard that McMillan, 35, and McLeod, 31, had been together for around 12 months at the time of the incident.

Defence lawyer Charles Drummond described the matter as 'an invidious situation'.

Mr Drummond said: "Drink had been taken and matters escalated.

"Mr McMillan's record will be of some concern, and although lengthy, the vast majority of his offences are to do with drugs and theft.

"He has made good progress and is almost off methadone altogether.

"He has no other matters outstanding."

Sheriff Derek Hamilton allowed McLeod bail ahead of a further court appearance on February 5.

The sheriff noted that McMillan has previous convictions for violence, assault and robbery.

He told him: "You were only released from prison in February 2018."

McMillan was sentenced to 80 days imprisonment.