A ROBBER who attacked a vulnerable Port man on his doorstep for just £20 has been locked up.

Angela Blainey was given a brief reprieve over Christmas because she missed a pre-sentencing interview.

But the 38-year-old — who set upon her victim with accomplice Scott Dodds — is now beginning a 12-month jail term.

The pair targeted the 50-year-old man on September 21 last year before Dodds ordered him to tell police he'd been fleeced by 'a young team'.

Blainey — who was on bail and has a previous conviction for assault and robbery — hid behind a sofa.

Defence lawyer Edward Sweeney told Greenock Sheriff Court: "She is adhering to her position initially intimated to the police, which is a denial of guilt in connection with the matter."

Mr Sweeney added: "It is accepted that the offence is a serious one, which is aggravated by her schedule of convictions and also an analogous previous conviction.

"She has never suffered a custodial sentence before."

He urged a community-based sentence, noting that a background report suggested a possibility of 'intervention' regarding a drugs issue.

The victim told a trial: "They attacked me and jumped me and pulled me to the floor.

"Scott put his thumb in my eye and he went to bite my nose.

"Angie was going through my pockets and Scott went through them after her."

Co-accused Dodds, 41, is already serving a 12-month sentence for the attack.

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre told Blainey, formerly of Highholm Street in the Port: "To go to man's house with your co-accused and assault and rob the man is, on any view, a serious charge for a summary complaint.

"It is aggravated by a number of factors — you were on bail from Glasgow Sheriff Court at the time and you have a previous conviction for assault and robbery, and also assault to injury as well as other convictions.

"It would be quite wrong not to recognise the seriousness of the offence.

"In my view, weighing up all matters together, you must be treated in the same manner as your co-accused."