PUPILS at St Columba’s High in Gourock penned their own poems to celebrate the work of a local wordsmith.

The young people were honouring William Sydney Graham, who was born in Greenock in November 1918.

As part of a competition, they studied his work before producing their own poem around the theme of ‘The Rebel’, in a nod to his personality.

Pupils in first and sixth year took on the challenge with first prize going to Christie Mulaghton and second to Daniel Molseed.

Christie, 17, said: “I enjoyed writing poetry, it was really the first time I had tried it.

"I was just happy with what I had produced, I didn’t think I’d win.

“I have always been interested in English and writing.

“It was a lovely surprise to win, I am hoping to study English at University and winning has made me more confident that it is something I can do.”

Daniel was delighted to come in second place.

He said: “I quite enjoyed it and was surprised to come second.”

For her efforts Christie received a book token for £30, a copy of The Caught Habits of Language and New Selected Poems and got the opportunity to read at an event in the Beacon in honour of Graham.

St Columba's teacher Jennifer Higgins said: “The pupils chose a poem and analysed it before writing their own.

"Poetry is a difficult thing to write and I was pleased so many of them entered the competition.

“They have learned so much.

"I am so proud of them all.”