A HEROIN pusher facing prison for her third dealing offence has been offered a reprieve by a sheriff.

Kay Logan says she's an addict who turned to selling the life-ruining Class A narcotic to pay off debts to other suppliers.

Lawman Andrew McIntyre is set to place the 46-year-old on a drug treatment and testing order after her current jail sentence expires.

But the sheriff warned Logan that if she fails it or commits any other offence she will be locked up for 'years'.

Logan pleaded guilty shortly before Christmas to being concerned in the supply of heroin from a flat on Greenock's West Blackhall Street, **pictured**.

She was jailed in September last year for selling the drug from a flat on South Street and she was convicted of an identical offence in July 2017.

Police caught her dividing heroin into street deal-sized wraps and found scales and cellophane bags when they swooped on her.

Defence lawyer Aidan Gallagher told Greenock Sheriff Court: "Her stance is now one of moving forward and not having anything to do with drugs."

The court heard that Logan's current release date is February 22.

Sheriff McIntyre told her: "The difficulty here is the fact that you have committed a serious offence that has a real impact on people in the local community.

"Class A drugs are at a root of many problems and crimes here.

"For that reason this is a very serious matter and the court must do everything it can to make sure it is brought to an end.

"I'm told it's your own drug addiction that has led you to this point."

Sheriff McIntyre added: "I will give you an opportunity, in light of your experience in prison, of a drug treatment and testing order.

"But if you don't show that you are genuine in addressing your drug problem, or if you commit any other offence, it is highly likely that you will go back to prison without further delay.

"Then you will receive a prison sentence for this matter in terms of years rather than months."

The case is due to call again on March 20.

Prosecutors have meantime moved for forfeiture of £424 found in Logan's flat at the time of the West Blackhall Street raid.