AN INVERKIP man says he is amazed that a video of his cat posted online 'for a laugh' has gone viral - and been viewed more than 200,000 times around the world.

Craig Macdonald's wife filmed a clip of their pet James, who waits every day for a handshake or a high five from his owners.

The 30-year-old Craig posted it on his Facebook and Instagram in the hope of making family and friends smile.

But now it has gone global, with people from every corner of the world commenting on James' antics.

Craig said: “He has done this for a while - every time we come home, leave or come down the stairs in the morning he is always sitting up somewhere, either on a table or worktop.

"He waits for a handshake or a high five.

“I asked my wife Laura to video it for a laugh but I never imagined it would be so popular.”

The video was picked up by entertainment site LadBible, who posted it on their Twitter feed.

It is also available to view on the Tele website at

Craig said: “The response has been unbelievable.

"By the time we went to bed the night it was posted it had reached 500 views. I was just happy to see people enjoy it and for it to be giving them a laugh.

“Then all of a sudden someone told me it had made the LadBible Twitter page.

"The last I looked it was at 195k views there, which is just crazy, but also great fun.”

Craig has been posting silly character videos for a while to entertain family and friends but it delighted to see this one has entertained tens of thousands.

He said: “I have been told they are quite funny, which is nice.

"I only want to bring a bit of laughter to people’s lives since everything seems to be doom and gloom these days, whether it be reality or on social media."

The video certainly entertained, with people quick to comment that it had 'cheered them up'.

One Facebook user wrote: “That’s the best thing I’ve seen on Facebook all week.”

Others said they were going to try and teach their pets to 'copycat' the clip, while James - who has been owned by Craig for the last five years - is blissfully unaware of his new-found fame.