THE family of a teenager who suffered horrendous road accident injures and almost lost his leg today blasted the council for putting in a safe crossing SIX years too late.

Inverclyde Academy pupil Jordan Dunlop, now 17, was knocked down in Drumfrochar Road - one of the busiest in the area - while trying to cross the road on his way home from school on 1 October 2013, when he was only 12.

Now he has spoken out about the devastating impact it has had on his life - as the council finally put in traffic lights at the exact spot where he was injured.

Since the incident Jordan has to undergo painful operations.

He can no longer walk far and has suffered depression, faced months off school at a time and also encountered weight problems as he struggled to cope.

His mum Agnes is angry with Inverclyde Council for failing to act until now, despite the community raising concerns before and after her son was knocked down.

Care worker Agnes, 51, of Prospecthill View, said: "I think it is disgusting.

"My son was left with his leg hanging off and he has suffered pain for years.

"He has lost out on his teenage years because of it and his education has suffered.

"Why has it taken all those years for something to be done?

"The community had been calling for action on that road for years before Jordan was hit."

|Jordan was on his way home from school with his friends when he was knocked down.

He was crossing at an area marked in orange next to St Patrick's Primary.

The pedestrian lights further up the road had been broken following an earlier accident.

Jordon, now in sixth year, is finally starting to get his life back.

He said: "I am only now starting to get better, since my last operation.

"I can't walk very far without pains in my leg.

"I had surgery a couple of years ago to take the lump away - there was a big lump of skin hanging from my leg.

"I have had to miss so much school and it has been difficult.

"I remember looking to see if I could get across and then I just felt the pain in my leg."

Recalling the accident, Agnes, who works in nearby Merino Court care home, said: "He had to have surgery to save his leg.

"They hollowed out his right leg to save his left leg, taking out muscle and veins.

"He has been left with pain in both.

"He was in high dependency for 11 days to see if the veins would take and the operation would work.

"If it didn't they would have had to take his leg away.

"Jordan was left in a bad way and was off school for months at a time.

"It was such a shame.

"He became really depressed and we eventually got help."

Now in his final year at secondary school Jordan is trying to make up for lost time.

At the same time, a new traffic light system is finally being put in place at the spot where he was hit.

Care support worker Agnes added: "I feel Jordan had been shown no sympathy whatsoever for what happened.

"If anything he was blamed for it."

Inverclyde Council told the Telegraph they decided to act after the mums and dads of pupils at St Patrick's Primary raised concerns in 2017

A spokesman said: “In 2017 the parent council at St Patrick’s asked us to look at the school crossing patrol arrangements.

"Following this request, we commissioned a study to look at the Drumfrochar Road/Broomhill Street junction.

"The study supported the case for putting in four way traffic lights at the junction which include a pedestrian crossing phase.

"These lights will improve road safety at the junction and also make it easier for vehicles to get out the side streets off Drumfrochar Road during the rush hour.”