A DISABLED man's life was put at risk by 'mindless' yobs who set fire to his door in a high rise flat.

Housebound Robert Banner-Rall, 50, who suffers from focal epilepsy and osteorathritis, was targeted by mindless firestarters.

A letter pinned to his door, asking callers to be patient because there was a disabled person inside, was set alight.

His husband James Banner-Rall told the Tele that they were inside their flat and were only aware something was wrong when the smoke alarm went off.

Now they are calling for security to be stepped up in the building to keep intruders out.

James, who is 62, said: "Robert has no way of getting out the flat easily.

"It is such a struggle.

"We put a notice on the door so that people know why it is taking time to get to the door.

"I think security has to be tightened up - you wonder what people were doing in the sixth floor landing.

"I just hope they catch them on CCTV.

"I am very shocked that someone would be so stupid to do this.

"It is a very quiet high rise and this is the first time anything like this has happened.

"We didn't know anything about it until the alarm went off.

"The firefighters came up and it turned out it was our door."

Now an action plan has been put in place with the fire service, so that in future they know Robert and James are a priority in an emergency.

James added: "We have had visits from the police and fire.

"Councillor Colin Jackson also visited to see if there was anything he could do."

Former chef Robert suffers from epilepsy following an accident at work.

He also has osteoarthritis in both knees and in his hips and has almost no mobility.

Police are investigating the wilful fire raising are looking at CCTV images.

Elaine Cannon, service improvement manager at River Clyde Homes, said: “Following this mindless and dangerous fire-raising incident, our housing staff have visited Mr Banner-Rall to provide reassurance and safety advice.

“There is 24 hour CCTV at Whinhill Court and, as well as introducing additional patrols via Inverclyde Council’s Community Warden Service, we are working with Police Scotland on this worrying incident and reminding all customers in the block to be vigilant and careful over who they let into the block.

"They should report anything suspicious immediately to our 24/7 customer service by calling 0800 013 2196.”