A MAN was left fighting for life from a massive heart attack after his partner's furious ex burst into his Greenock home and threatened to kill him.

Gavin Shankly masqueraded as a delivery man to gain access to the flat, then terrorised his victim.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how the panic-stricken 36-year-old man fled out into the street to call police but collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

He was later rushed to the specialist heart unit at the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank in a 'critical' condition.

Medics said that he was 'unlikely to survive'.

Shankly, 46 — a former soldier — remained in the Roxburgh Street flat and continued his 'tirade' in front of his ex as his victim lay in the street, and even grabbed a kitchen knife.

Prosecutor David Glancy told how Shankly, of Newark Street, had duped the man into opening the front door by knocking it and holding a Next parcel up to the spyhole.

Mr Glancy said: "He indicated that he would 'destroy' his ex-partner and 'kill' her partner.

"The partner ran from the house in a state of considerable fear and made his way to a convenience store.

"The shopkeeper handed a mobile phone to the man who then went outside to contact police.

"But what in fact happened was he collapsed.

"He suffers from a pretty serious congenital heart defect.

"He was given CPR from a bystander after paramedics were summoned."

Fiscal depute Mr Glancy added: "The accused's ex-partner was in a state of panic and it increased when the security buzzer was pressed and she was told that her partner had collapsed.

"This was heard by the accused, the woman attempted to leave and the accused grabbed a kitchen knife and held it to his own face and shouted, 'Are you going to go with him?'

"The woman managed to get out of the house and made her way to the street.

"Police arrived and observed paramedics working on the man, who appeared to be in cardiac arrest."

The court was told how officers were 'directed' towards Shankly, who told them: "I didn't touch him, I just shouted at him what's happening.

"I wanted to embarrass them. I just wanted to give him a scare."

Shankly, whom the court heard had referred to the man as a 'spastic', added: "I did not know he had a heart condition. I didn't touch the guy, I swear."

He pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, shouting, swearing, brandishing a knife and acting in an aggressive and threatening manner to the extent that both householders were placed in a state of fear and alarm.

He committed the offence on May 9 last year.

His lawyer said: "I've had it confirmed that the man came out of hospital. He certainly survived."

The solicitor added: "The relationship did have its volatility and parties had broken up and reconciled prior to May 9.

"Mr Shankly has clearly struggled with the situation as it appeared that the woman had moved on.

"It was a one-off isolated incident, however, it was unsavoury and unpleasant.

"At no point did he wish to place anyone in any danger.

"He was devastated at what happened subsequently to the man, and the writer of the background report says he is genuinely remorseful."

The court heard that Shankly has an 'exemplary military history'.

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre acknowledged that he'd 'undertaken exceptional duties and put himself at considerable risk'.

The lawman said: "All of that is not lost on me, but that has to be set against that what he did has had a serious impact.

"I will defer sentence for information regarding the impact this has had on the man, and further investigation into the health of the accused in terms of being able to do unpaid work.

"However, all options remain open. This is a very serious matter."

The case is due to call again on February 27.