A KEEN photographer was left stunned when he uncovered a ghostly image in a local graveyard in one of his snaps.

Brian Thompson was inspired to take a picture of a cross on a headstone which was illuminated by the sun.

But when he cropped the image to blank out the name on the stone, he noticed the eerie outline of a woman in the field beside the cemetery.

Brian, who is a care worker, said: "I was visiting a family grave in Kilmacolm Cemetery when I saw the cross.

"It was lit up by the sun on top of a gravestone and I thought would make an interesting photo.

"It has the person's name on the stone, so I cropped it on the computer when I went home.

"It was then I saw the figure of a woman walking in the next field."

Brian said there was no-one else around in the cemetery at the time.

He decided to post the picture on the Greenock Telegraph Camera Club Facebook page where curious members began quizzing Brian on his spooky find.

He said: "Nobody has belittled it, people who have seen the picture like it."

Brian, who lives in the east end, has been taking pictures for 15 years and says he has never experienced anything like it.

The dad-of-three said: "I like recording things I've seen.

"I do a lot of hillwalking and I like to take my camera with me.

"I've often been out and wished I'd had my camera to take a picture but nothing like this has ever happened before.

"It was as quiet as anything and there wasn't anything, or anyone, else around so I can't explain what's been captured."

Brian is married to Sheila and they have three daughters, Emma, 27, Amiee, 22, and Sarah, 17.

He said: "My daughters are intrigued as well.

"It's not something I could have made up, they know I don't have the technical abilities to do that.

"To me it looks like a lady walking across the field, but as I said, the place was quiet as a mouse."