A PENSIONER from Port Glasgow who was fined for parking in a disabled bay despite displaying his blue badge has won an appeal against the decision.

Bill Ingram was hit with a £60 penalty for a 14-minute stay in a bay at Wallace Place in Greenock, outside the Municipal Buildings.

The Tele reported how the 83-year-old, from upper Port Glasgow, was penalised for not displaying an Inverclyde Council parking disc in addition to his blue badge.

Mr Ingram felt he was harshly treated and wrote a letter of complaint to the local authority.

Ironically, had he stopped in a normal bay or even on double-yellow lines with his disabled permit on show he would have escaped punishment due to an anomaly in the rulebook.

The council maintains that because the senior citizen was parked in a disc zone he should have displayed a disc, but have now decided to waive the fine.

Mr Ingram said: "I got a letter through and I've won the case.

"I sent away the Tele article and wrote a big letter. "I want to thank the Telegraph very much for helping otherwise I would have had to pay the fine."

Mr Ingram has a blue badge because he has mobility problems caused by cancer which spread to his bones having started out in his prostate.

He said he had no idea a council disc is also required for parking in a disabled bay and warned other drivers about it.

In a letter sent to the pensioner, the council said that 'in the circumstances' there would be 'no further action' and that the matter is now at an end.

The local authority has urged all motorists to be aware of parking rules, which vary throughout the district, by checking in advance online or by reading signs in car parks or on streets.

Anyone who feels they have been wrongly issued with a penalty is encouraged to lodge an appeal.