YOUNG scouts say they are 'disgusted' after vandals smashed up their minibus.

The shocking attack is believed to have happened some time on Friday night as the bus was parked at the 1st Gourock Scout group's base in Drumshantie Road.

Police have now launched an investigation into the incident.

Scout Bethany Rennie, 11, said: "The bus is what we use to go places like our camp and without it we can't go anywhere.

"I feel angry and sad.

"Why would someone do that to something that kids use?"

Nine-year-old Finlay McAllister, who enjoys going to the Cubs, added: "I felt annoyed when I heard what happened because we paid a lot of money for it.

"It's been here for quite a while."

Scout Kevan Muir, 11, told the Tele: "I feel disgusted by it."

Parent Lee Nicholson, whose six-year-old son Duncan attends the Beavers, says the vandal attack is disheartening, especially as the leaders are volunteers who work tirelessly to create opportunities for the children.

She said: "It's shocking that someone could do something like that because it's clearly a scout hall for kids which is run by volunteers."

Gordon McCready, group scout leader, says the cost to repair the damaged bus is thankfully covered by their insurance.

He said: "The mini bus was parked in the scout hall car park and somebody trashed it.

"It's very disappointing as it could've had an impact on our outdoor activities.

"We're fully insured so we hope to have the bus back on the road by Thursday."

Sergeant Laura Stewart at Greenock police: "The windscreen and three other windows have been smashed.

"Anyone who may have information should contact police on 101."