YOUNG bravehearts from a Port primary held a patriotic party which proved they've 'Scot what it takes'.

Talented pupils from St Michael's Primary School staged a spectacular Scottish show for their parents.

But they also invited pensioners from Newark Care Home and Newark Nursery along to enjoy the dress rehearsal.

Following their practice, the pupils put on two polished shows for their parents.

Emma Watson, P7 teacher, said the pupils thoroughly enjoyed learning and performing their Scottish songs.

She said: "Each class performed a Scottish song, from The Three Craws in P1 up to Caledonia in P7.

"The whole school then joned together for the finale of Auld Lang Syne.

"You see the kids in a different light when they come together for a performance."

Eddie Bonnar, who lives in Newark Care Home, was delighted to see his granddaughter Molly Bonnar on stage.

He said: "She didn't know I was coming along, she was very happy."

Fellow resident Fred McCabe, 86, said the concert was uplifting.

He said: "It was very nice and it's good for the kids too."