FED-UP community campaigners from the Port want new CCTV cameras to help stop fly-tipping blighting their patch.

Members of Port Glasgow West Community Council say they have been battling against the illegal dumping for years and fear the problem is getting worse.

Activists Tommy Rodger and Anne Ross are now calling for extra security in known 'hotspot' areas to catch culprits in the act.

Mr Rodger said: "We are looking for cameras to be installed on the corner of Mackie Avenue and Devol Avenue.

"People are dumping rubbish on the cycle track, Devol Glen and burn and most recently at the bottom of Mary Street.

"This has since been removed but it is an ongoing issue.

"We raised this three years ago - the fly tipping is a scourge and has to be stopped.

"There are cowboy builders who don't want to pay the council to take rubbish away and they fly-tip their rubbish in the Glen Burn.

"There's been all sorts, baths, sinks and mattresses."

"Household furniture and rubbish has been dumped, right down to car drivers clearing rubbish onto the roadside from their parked cars.

"We have made two applications for CCTV cameras to be sited in places that are vulnerable and are being spoiled."

The community council believes that cameras will act as a deterrent.

The group are also calling for extra security for the spot between Parklea Bowling Club and the Branching Out gardening project.

Mr Rodger added: "This is an area where travellers camp and have left a mess and both Parklea and Branching Out have been broken into recently.

"We are looking for cameras to be installed in in the east of Port Glasgow and in Port Glasgow West."

Fly-tipping can be reported to Inverclyde Council on 717171, Police Scotland on 101 or you can ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 11.