AN INVERKIP man says that he is trying to hold back the tide on fly-tipping by recycling rubbish left lying on the beach.

Neil Hughes, 74, owns one of the shoreside huts along from Lunderston Bay and uses his time there to look after the area and has recycled debris.

The former shipyard worker is trying to repair the sea wall which protects his property.

The little outbuilding has been in his family for 85 years and was passed on by his father.

But Neil has grown increasingly concerned about the dumping of rubbish and the litter clogging up the beach, which was recently reported in the Tele.

Grandad Neil, who lives in Bridgend Cottages, said: " The fly-tipping and problem with litter is definitely getting worse as the years ago on.

"I collect debris from the beach and use what I can.

"I am collecting it just now and I will use it.

"It is really bad, you see all sorts.

"I am trying to repair the breakwater which protects my hut."

Retired copper burner Neil spends all his spare time at the mooring hut pottering around.

It is also a place for family gatherings with wife Mary, his three sons and nine grandchildren. He added: "I have met so many people, of all nationalities down here, it is brilliant.

"My dad George used to come down here to work when the yards were quiet.

"The Shaw Stewarts let them build huts and we used to come down here for our holidays from the Strone.

"My dad was a teetotaller and I never take a drink down here in the hut.

"It is important not to spoil the area."

The Tele recently reported that local walkers were growing increasingly concerned about an increase in fly-tipping and the volume of litter left lying around waterfront the area.

Local park rangers are keen to highlight the problem and raise awareness of the damage it causes.

Those responsible for fly tipping can face on the spot fines of £200.