A LOCAL football legend who has only missed six games in the last 65 years says he is not ready to blow the final whistle yet.

Amateur footy king Larry Barilli is still putting out a team out every Sunday in all weathers with his new side Chaplins.

At the age of 83 he says it is the love of the game that keeps him on the touchline and taking home the strips to wash for the next fixture.

An inside left in his day, Larry set up his first team Barnhill Rovers when he was 18 and he kept on playing into his 40s.

But retirement is still not even on the horizon as he continues to run teams - and still works part-time as taxi-driver.

Larry, who stays in Cumberland Road, said: "It must be some kind of record to only miss six games.

"I just love football.

"I am still not even thinking of retiring and I have kept in good health.

"I loved playing football, we used to play in the street where I grew up Barnhill Street.

"I have had some great wee players in my teams over the years, too many to mention.

"People who play amateur just do it because they love the game."

Over his football career Larry has played in 35 cup finals and won 23 of them.

He has 11 league titles under his belt.

Father of six Larry has managed to keep up with the pace of change in the game with sides including Drummonds, Gillespie's Butchers, Douglas Gray Motors and Bayhome FC.

But he admits he is not a huge fan of the way some modern football is played.

Larry told the Tele: "There is too much passing about at the back now for my liking.

"When I played you were always trying to get forward to score a goal.

"Now they will pass all day, they are all at it.

"There is also a lot more pushing, shoving and pulling shirts.

"When I played I was never ever booked."