AN international charity is set to open its first free Scottish book shop in Greenock.

Global Education Trust (GET) has already set up 17 shops in England but the new one in Nicolson Street will be the first north of the border.

The charity opens the shops to promote education and literacy.

Book-drop events have been held in recent months in order to get the shop stocked for the big opening next week.

Laura Cesa, 23, who recently moved back to Greenock having studied in Dundee for three years, has taken charge of the shop.

She said: “I think the idea is wonderful.

"As a former student I know how expensive books can be and the price can be a huge barrier in education.

“I believe it’s important that education is accessible for all and the privilege to explore many narratives in literature isn’t limited to those who can afford it.

“In addition, donating books and furniture for the shop cuts down on wastage and reduces landfill, which safeguards the environment.

“It’s been a while in the making and a lot of background work has been going on in the last few months so I’m excited for it to come to fruition.”

A spokeswoman for the Global Education Trust said: “We are really excited about this new venture.

“When GET set up these free books shops we normally send a consignment of two pallets of books to get the shop started. However, due to the costs, both financially and environmentally of transporting books this distance, we decided to hold book drop off days instead.

“The book drop off events in Greenock have proved to be very successful and we have now also had furniture stopped off so our shop is taking shape."

The store at 30 Nicolson Street will open on Friday March 8 at 10am.