A STRAIGHT As student who left school a year early to study accountancy has now set up his own football-themed clothing line.

Young Port Glasgow entrepreneur David Curley is juggling his studies at the University of Glasgow with his new business, Terrace Attire, designing trendy t-shirts and jumpers inspired by 'the beautiful game'.

The 17-year-old made history last summer when he became the first St Stephen's High pupil to gain six As in his fifth year higher exams.

It meant he could leave school early and head off to study accountancy.

With long periods off during his course, David decided to put some of his free time to good use and turned his clothing design hobby into a viable business.

Now orders are coming in thick and fast at his www.terraceattire.com website and some items are also on sale in Twice New Clothes in Greenock's West Blackhall Street

David said: "It's mainly a hobby but I've done quite well so far.

"I've been able to push it more since I've been at uni because I've had more spare time on my hands.

"I'd been doing it on and off and then a few folk requested designs on Facebook and I took it more seriously at the start of this year. "I've always been interested in graphic design and already had a couple of designs I thought other people would like. "They've sold really well. "Things have picked up a lot locally of late and I've had a lot more sales in the Inverclyde area.

"Just last weekend I sent out 20 orders in the one go.

"I spent most of the day in the Post Office."

The Morton fan drew inspiration from his local side with one of his favourite designs - 'The Sinclair Tee' - featuring Cappielow and the iconic Titan Crane in the background.

But he caters for supporters of all clubs, who can personalise their t-shirts on the Terrace Attire website and make requests.

David said: "What I do is inspired by the terraces, the football scene and incorporates football.

"The Cappielow design is one I did recently when I started to push the brand locally.

"I have a set collection I stock but if there's a particular football team people want, they can customise them on the website."