NURSERY kids teamed up with their families for a health inspired 'stay and play' day at Wellpark Children's Centre.

The little ones and their relatives learned all about healthy eating and wellbeing at the fun-filled event.

They enjoyed a range of educational activities such as smoothie making, learning about how to grow vegetables and even tackled an outdoor obstacle course.

Liz McGhee, whose four-year-old grandson Nathan attends the nursery, said it was great to see what the toddlers are learning.

She said: "You get to see what the kids are doing, so when they come home from nursery the next time you have an understanding of what they are learning about.

"It's also great to meet their friends too, so when they come home and talk about the children they're playing with you know who they're talking about.

"The children love showing us what they have been doing."

Mum Caroline O'Connor, whose three-year-old son Freddie attends the nursery, added: "It's a good idea to promote healthy eating, it gives you something to work with at home.

"I think talking about it in nursery makes it easier to talk about it at home."

Caroline says the nursery staff are full of imagination and really to bring learning to life.

She said: "The nursery recently organised a bus up to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery to see Dippy the Dinosaur, which was great fun."

Joan McKenna, acting depute at the nursery, explained that the workshop was part of the nursery's health week.

She said: "This is all to do with healthy snacks, physical health and mental health.

"We have different activities they can do with their parents and families.

"It's about a whole family approach to health and wellbeing.

"The children get so excited when their parents come in."

Joan thanked everyone who supported the nursery's health week especially Craigend Resource Centre who donated bags of fruit and Shona who visitied to speak about dental health.