MEMBERS of the public will have their say on a shortlist of places drawn up for a new car park to alleviate congestion in Kilmacolm.

A study was conducted by council officials which came up with a number of potential sites close to the village centre to accommodate demand.

The old police station, Smithy Brae, Gibson Lane, Moss Road and Gillburn Road were all listed, along with a suggestion of turning the car park at Lochwinnoch Road into a multi-storey.

A meeting of the environment and regeneration committee heard that officials favoured looking at Lochwinnoch Road, Moss Road and Gillburn Road in further detail, including a full public consultation.

However councillors had differing views on the locations being backed.

Councillor David Wilson said: “I would recommend that the old police station site be looked at further.

“There is major concern from residents near St Columba’s School that car parking is an issue.

"Can I ask that we include the area behind the old police station to be considered as a possibility?”

But council leader Stephen McCabe argued that problems at St Columba's were a matter for the school to address.

He said: “A way to alleviate school traffic could be for the school to build a car park.

"The school could take it forward rather than the council as a public car park.

"There are limited spaces available and other sites may be better considered.

“The issue before us is for a public car park, and I don’t think one there would be particularly well suited if the prime use will be those at the school.

"They could look to pursue it rather than the council.”

But Councillor Wilson replied: “I think we are missing a trick here.

"I’d scrub the multi-storey and go with behind the police station, I think we need to give it more consideration.”

Roads bosses had set out in their report to the meeting that access to and from the old police station site could be challenging and said that it may be too far away from the village centre to encourage people to park there.

They also highlighted that Lochwinnoch Road was within the heart of the village with good links and described Moss Road and Gillburn Road as within reasonable walking distance of village facilities.

Smithy Brae was ruled out for further consideration due to 'narrow and challenging' access while Gibson Lane was also overlooked because access to it is via a private road.

The meeting eventually agreed that the old police station site, Lochwinnoch Road and Moss Road and Gillburn Road should go forward for public consultation.

Two options will then be settled on for councillors to make the final decision.