WORKERS at a busy Port trade park turned up to work to find a huge pile of tyres dumped on the road.

Around 45 tyres were dumped overnight at Parklea Road next to the White House Products Ltd headquarters in Kelburn.

Staff who work on the estate say they were lucky they spotted some of the tyres, which had been abandoned in the road.

One worker, who asked to remain anonymous, said there could easily have been a road accident.

She told the Tele: “There were not any tyres when we left at night so they must have been dumped overnight.

“It is shocking.

"If it was a darker morning and people hadn’t spotted the tyres lying on the road someone could have been hurt.

“Some of the employees on the estate went out to move them themselves and managed to put them into two piles.

“Dumping them here is just sheer laziness.”

Staff have reported the illegal fly-tipping act to both Inverclyde Council and the police.

The council are now urging anyone who may have seen who left the tyres to contact the police.

A spokesman for Inverclyde Council said: “It is an appalling sight to see waste being dumped like this.

“It’s unnecessary because there are plenty of opportunities for householders and businesses to recycle and re-use properly, safely and conveniently.

“If anyone has any knowledge of who has done this we would urge them to report it right away.

"By coming together and stamping out behaviour like this we can make sure our community is clean and attractive for residents and visitors.”