A PREGNANT mum who has just weeks to go until her due date claims she and her 11-month-old son were forced to live in a damp and mouldy flat.

Caitlin Hendry, 23, has been living in a private let in Glamis Place since November and says her stay there was hampered by constant problems with the quarter villa.

Problems including a crack in the external wall led to water ingress, causing dampness and mould, which has damaged personal belongings such as clothes and pram sets for her son, Lucah, and unborn baby.

But her landlord insists he has done all he can to remedy the situation and left without two months rent after Miss Hendry left the property.

When the Tele visited the property condensation and patches of damp and mould were visible at the top and bottom of the hallway, in the bathroom, in one of the bedrooms and in a number of cupboards.

Miss Hendry, whose second child is due on May 7, says the issues have had affected on her son's health and her own.

She says Lucah has required medical treatment for bronchitis and blames this on conditions within her tenancy.

Caitlin said: "The amount of mould in here is absolutely disgusting.

"I had to hold back rent because nothing was getting done.

"That will cover everything that's been ruined in the property. "I gave the landlord so much time to do things and it's still not been sorted.

"I spent £700 on a pram and it now has mould on it. "A lot of things have been ruined and I'll now have to replace them."

Landlord William Mearns says repair work started 'as soon as possible' but was delayed due to adverse weather.

He added that he paid out of his own pocket for contractors to come in when bills should have been split between other owners in the block.

He says council environmental health officers have been satisfied with his course of action.

Mr Mearns said: "I've nothing to hide and it's unfortunate she feels this way. "I dropped her rent and did everything I could possibly do to get this remedied until work took place.

"She withheld two months' rent, which I've not been paid, and she has now left the premises without giving me notice.

"I've tried to remedy these things and she's done a moonlight without two months' rent. "I've had my fingers burned and I'll learn from it."

Miss Hendry, who is from Port Glasgow, says she was 'forced' into private lets following the tragic death of her mum Lesley, who lost her battle with lung cancer four years ago at the age of just 39.

Having initially been given a social housing tenancy, Miss Hendry, who was just 18 at the time, struggled to cope and got into rent arrears, meaning she had to seek alternative accommodation.

She is now paying back what she owes but will not be able to apply for another housing association property until April.

Miss Hendry said: "I messed up a bit at the time.

"I was going through lots of stuff, I was young and I'd lost my mum.

"I'm paying back what I owe now."